Everyplace has a story.

GEOTALE™ iOS and Android apps geotag stories creating historical points of interest and a new way to explore. It gives everyone a voice and changes how humans contribute to and learn about history.

Make history now! GEOTALE™ is changing the way history is written through a mobile platform where anyone can contribute to and explore history based on proximity or any geographical reference point all from the convenience of a smartphone. Imagine finding historical landmarks and points of interest neatly organized into categories of interest on a smartphone created by real people told from their own life experiences and perspectives. With the GEOTALE™ app, users can:

  • Tell a story and create a digital historical point of interest
  • Find out what happened here, there, or anywhere

Have the most enriching traveling, walking, hiking, touring, biking, or driving experience discovering GEOTALE™ stories right in the neighborhood or anywhere one may go. Learn something new and find nearby stories using the map or list views and filter stories by a variety of categories to get only the stories that matter most. Activate navigation on a smartphone with a single tap to get there and see where the story of historical significance or interest actually happened.

So many interesting things have happened and are happening all around every day but so many stories simply go untold. Human history should not be defined by historians and governments alone, but rather by real people telling their stories from their own personal experiences. GEOTALE™ has developed a beautiful and intuitive mobile experience offering users a way to create historical points of interest of their stories, tag them to a specific geographic location, and a delightful exploring experience for others to learn from and enjoy.

GEOTALE™ is a privately held start-up based in San Diego, California.