We, at GEOTALE LLC (referred to as “GEOTALE”) protect all the personal information provided to us by our clients (referred to as the “User”). We take maximum care in dealing with any information pertaining to the Users. This Privacy Policy (referred to as the “Policy”) is to be read along with Terms of Use in order to understand and comply with all the rules and guidelines laid down by GEOTALE. By accessing the GEOTALE App and Website (collectively referred to as the “Platform”) and availing GEOTALE’s services (referred to as the “Services”) you are submitting yourself to the terms of this Policy. This Policy gives a clear description about the collection, use and storage of all the information provided to GEOTALE by the Users. You may abstain from accessing the Platform and availing the Services of GEOTALE if you do not wish to be bound by this Policy.


We gather and accumulate data/information from the Users in order to provide the best of our Services and to make the best of our facilities available to you.

Account and Contact Information

All the information furnished by the User during the course of the communication and interaction with GEOTALE including the ones given at the time of registration i.e., while and after downloading the Platform or while using the Platform in a specific mobile device like name, gender, age, location, mobile number, e-mail id and any other personal information are collected and stored safely with us.

The Services that GEOTALE provides are designed in such a manner that whenever the User uses the Platform, certain User information is collected by the servers. This, however, does not mean that personal information of the User is collected. This information is restricted to the device/handset information, the IP address etc. However, the servers may also monitor and record the frequency of your visits, the locations chosen by you for information, the reviews written by you on the Platform.

Location Information

Apart from profile information, GEOTALE will also need location information of the User in order to enhance the quality of the Services provided by it. The User may choose to provide GEOTALE its exact location with the help of GPS or relative location with the help of Bluetooth. GEOTALE uses/gathers location information in order to alter the Services provided to you based on your location. However, this information shall not be divulged by GEOTALE to any other person. When you submit yourself to the terms of this Policy, you automatically permit GEOTALE to collect and store information. The information that is accumulated by GEOTALE from the User’s device while the User accesses our Platform includes the (i) Device and call information (ii) Location (iii) Photos and media files (iv) Identity of the device owner (v) Device and app history (vi) SMS (vii) Wi-Fi connection information (viii) Calendar.


GEOTALE does not levy any charges for the use of the Platform except for the in-app purchases that are made available to the Users on the Platform. However, these charges are paid by the User only for the convenient and smooth functioning of the Platform and for the accessibility of many more features on the Platform and strictly not for the license under which the Wikipedia content or information is made available to the Users on the Platform.


The Platform also employs the use of Cookies in collecting certain functional information from the Users. Cookies help in the collection of certain information pertaining to your browsing history and pattern and location preferences which will help GEOTALE serve you better. The Cookies employed by GEOTALE are designed to collect only device specific information and not any personally identifiable information. These Cookies contain information that can later be read by a web page server in the domain that issued the Cookie to the User. Cookies are used to store information on the User’s computer in order to save the User time by avoiding the need to repeatedly enter the same information more than once and also to display personalized content on later visits to the Platform. These Cookies can be disabled at any point of time by adjusting or altering your browser settings.


In order to provide the best Services to the User, GEOTALE may need to disclose certain information pertaining to the User, including certain personally identifiable information to some of its service providers, representatives, agents, employees and directors and such employees, directors, agents, representatives and service providers shall be informed well in advance of the strict need for confidentiality. The best in class safety measures are used by GEOTALE in order to prevent unauthorized access to any personal information provided to GEOTALE by the Users. Except for the review/information/tip posted by a User on the Platform, no information provided by the User shall be made available to the public.

All disclosures made by GEOTALE shall be in accordance with the provisions set forth in this Policy. The personally identifiable information helps GEOTALE provide the User with appropriate feedback about the device and the way it is used or is to be used. It is also used for technical trouble shooting, quality control, consumer support and enhancement of system. The information that GEOTALE gathers from the User’s use of the Platform like the search words used to access information, number of times the User has used the Platform within a specific period of time etc (usage information) is used for customer support system, system restoration and GEOTALE’s internal research and development.

The User may choose to share information under two categories – (1) Private – the information stored encrypted is accessible only to the User and by GEOTALE or any group that the User chooses to provide access to. (2) Public – the stored encrypted information is provided with a public access URL which can be accessed by anyone.

GEOTALE provides certain features on its Platform which makes it easy for the Users to use its Services. One of such features is that GEOTALE gives you the option to connect or link your GEOTALE account to your Facebook or Twitter account through which you can contact your friends and family. Upon connecting accounts, the Users may share and post information or any other content from GEOTALE account. You are at liberty to disconnect this Service of GEOTALE at any point in time. Deleting your GEOTALE account or terminating your Agreement with GEOTALE will automatically deny GEOTALE the authority to access your other accounts and also post anything on your behalf.


GEOTALE does not sell, share, divulge or trade any information that pertains to the User. The personally identifiable information pertaining to the User shall be disclosed only for the purposes put forth in this Policy. This disclosure does not include the disclosures made to the employees, directors, service providers, representatives, agents of GEOTALE as these disclosures would help in providing the best Services to the User.

The User hereby agrees that GEOTALE does not hold any obligation of confidentiality towards the former, for the information made available to the public by the User prior to the usage of the Platform and Services of GEOTALE. This waiver of confidentiality covers:

  1. Communications sent to other Users.
  2. Any information posted or made available to the public in any public forum similar to the reviews or information posted by the User on the Platform.

If, for any reason, any information pertaining to the User is required by any governmental, judicial, quasi-judicial body then GEOTALE shall be obliged to provide such information to the authorities without providing any prior intimation of the same to the User.

GEOTALE reserves the right to share the User’s e-mail ids with the third parties who shall provide their value added, promotional offers, discount vouchers or coupons to the Users. GEOTALE, while taking information from the User, makes sure that any identifiers through which the User can be traced or any information which is associated with the User is made anonymous. Anonymous information helps GEOTALE analyze and develop reports about the usage of system and Services by the User.

GEOTALE, from time to time, may take the assistance of independent contractors in order to function effectively. Such independent contractors may include programmers, consultants, agents, auditors, attorneys, purchasers and third parties whose services are essential in the flawless functioning of GEOTALE. The User information may be shared with them by GEOTALE, however, they will have limited access to such information. These independent contractors shall be bound by a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement prior to providing them with the User information and they shall be held liable for any misuse of such information provided to them by GEOTALE.


By accessing the Platform and availing the Services of GEOTALE, the User authorizes GEOTALE to communicate with the User. This communication includes intimation with respect to promotions, offers, changes in the Terms of Service, newsletters and updates about the content/information provided by other Users. This Service of GEOTALE could be unsubscribed by contacting the support team of the Platform.


GEOTALE is not designed to be used by children. Therefore, if children use the Service of GEOTALE, it shall be under the consent and guidance of their parents. We also suggest that the children use the Services of GEOTALE only if the children are made to understand the rights and responsibilities by the parents or guardians. If a child is using the Platform under the consent of the teacher of the school in which he/she studies, then, the teacher has to take the consent of the parents or the guardians before doing so and the parents or the guardians of the child should be well aware or be made well aware of the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of GEOTALE.


At any point in the transaction, the User may request GEOTALE to stop the access, storage and process of any or all the information pertaining to the User. This, however, may affect the effective functionality of the Platform and this would further make certain features of the Platform unavailable to the User.

The User may access, remove or change any and all information provided by the User so as to keep the information accurate and up-to-date. However GEOTALE reserves the right to refuse any access, removal or change of the information stored if GEOTALE is of the opinion that any such access, removal or changes may affect the security of any other information stored in the servers or it affects the security of the Platform.


All of the User’s information collected by the Platform is stored on its servers located in various geographical locations. All such information is stored in compliance with all applicable data protection and privacy laws of the State of California.


When GEOTALE is contacted by email or phone regarding the User’s account, for security reasons, GEOTALE may ask the User for certain Account Information to verify the identity of the User before accepting requests to make changes to the account. This is to make sure that it is the User who intends to make changes to his/her account and not an unauthorized person who intends to misuse the User’s account information.

Except as provided elsewhere in this Privacy Policy, GEOTALE limits access to Information databases to its personnel who have a business need for such access, including servicing User’s account, informing the User of service news and special offers or any other relevant information.

Information pertaining to the User’s contact, account, payments and usage are all encrypted and require authentication before transmission to any other person or device. Sensitive information like images are encrypted before storing it on the disk space allotted to the User.

All the information gathered by GEOTALE from the User is stored in the safest and secured manner. The best in class industrial standard security measures and methods are used to keep the User information safe.

Even though best in class methods are used to keep the User information safe and secure, the Users must understand there is no security system is completely fool proof and 100% safe.

Hence, GEOTALE makes no representations or warranties regarding the safety and security of the User information provided to it.

For the personal information that is gathered by GEOTALE from Europe, including, Switzerland, it shall store and use the information in consonance with the safe harbor principles.


GEOTALE, from time to time may make changes to its Platform and Services by removing, altering or modifying the whole or any part of the Policy. GEOTALE is under no obligation to inform the User of any such removal, alteration or modification of the whole or any part of the Policy. Hence, the Users are requested to keep themselves updated with the changes or modifications in the Policy by the constant use of GEOTALE’s Platform and its Services.

However, when the User accesses the Platform, GEOTALE shall construe such access as the automatic acceptance of revised/changed/modified Policy. In case of any dispute between GEOTALE and the User or between the Users or any other third party, the latest or the revised version of the Policy shall supersede all the previous versions of the Policy.


Users can feel free to contact our customer support or technical support team for any queries or grievances with regard to any part of the Policy and Terms of Use or any other issues pertaining to the review or information posts or any violation of intellectual property rights by other Users at